Friday, 26 June 2009

PRE-ORDER: Keaver & Brause - The Middle Way [Dealmaker]

Nottingham's Dealmaker Records are carving themselves out a serious instrumental hip hop pedigree of late. Not content with simply giving birth to the pastoral synth textures of Lone - one half of the former production duo Kids In Tracksuits who has gone on to sign his second album to Actress' revered Werk Discs label - they've unleashed a second producer whose music is just a stylistically individual.

Keaver & Brause is uniquely just one dude called Tom, but his new album 'The Middle Way' is not by any means a straight up slice of instrumental hip hop; its a collection of 15 tracks thats peppered with ideas, synthesized drones, vocal snippets and impressionable melodies.

Choosing his snatches of melody carefully on tracks like 'Airborn' and 'Summers t'Say' he stutters his drums thoughtfully around the riffs, carving the head nod out of his percussive patterns rather than thumping it forcefully to the forefront of the mix. Tracks like 'Cnsr,' 'Quasar'and the time stretched opener 'Cleef Rechard' take an incredibly wide birth in terms of cohesive instrumentation but oddly enough its these heavily sidechained almost haphazard beat sketches that manage to make the most lasting impression.

Tight, dense and fiercely characteristic of a producer on the up, 'The Middle Way' breathes life into a beat maker's penchant for harp samples, whilst turning its cheek at every possible moment to obtain that vital mix of variety needed to hold the attention across a long player.

Words: Oli Marlow
Out: Now through Dealmaker Records


We also managed to steal another exclusive mix from the hands of Keaver to add to our series and it really is a milestone for us as he's the first person to include a track from seminal rapper Bigg Jus...


DOWNLOAD: Keaver & Brause - Around About Mix (Sonic Router Exclusive)


1. Lapti - All Inclusive
2. Epic 45 (Loafe and Merge mix)
3. Donovan - Get Thy Bearings
4. Thomas Koner - Experimental Audio Research 1
5. Bigg Jus - NYC Colour Designer
6. Lone - Cedar Saturday
7. Letherette - Ram Rod
8. Keaver - Two Schools
9. Bibio - Polycoulrophon (excerpt)
10. Bernard Parmegiani - Accidents Harmonique
11. Keaver - CSNR
12. Broadcast - Lunch Hour Pops
13. Mike Slott - Deux Three
14. Keaver - Bounce
15. Bibio - Cherry Go Round
16. Clouds - Timekeeper (Ras G-mix)
17. The Folk Implosion - Raise The Bells


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