Tuesday, 17 March 2009

DOWNLOAD: Thorsten Sideb0ard - Structure & Agency Mix

Our love for the Highpoint Lowlife label is well documented on these pages so when label boss Thorsten Sideb0ard offered us up a mix we jumped at the chance. Well... I say jump... I went to Sainsbury's to get my humous on, came back and remembered I said I'd post on it... but after a listen I'm ashamed I left it even that long .

The mix is mostly HPLL material (some old, some new) but it also has a few well placed Hyperdub and Thriller bits in there too.

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: Thorsten Sideb0ard - Structure & Agency Mix


1. Izu - Jumpers (TVO's Anti-rave Pop Party Mix)
2. Cooly G - Dis Boy Pt4
3. Kwaidan - Masaki
4. Kode 9 - 2 Far Gone
5. TVO - Castle Of Chalk and Flint
6. Thriller - Hubble
7. Roska - Feeline
8. Marshall Watson - Moder Art
9. 10-20 - Arcadeagle


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