Monday, 22 February 2010

DOWNLOAD: Gemmy - Purple Pictures Mix

After slaughtering our recent Sonic Router is 1 rave with his midnight slot earlier this month, we've been expecting big things from Gemmy. With word leaking months ago that his debut album for Planet Mu was ready (though its still to appear in the ether as of yet) there's been a couple of remixes surfacing of late including one on the grassroots Carbon Logic initiative; as well as a couple of sides on two of M4 Records most recent (split 12"s with Wedge) releases.

This mix also comes at a particularly pertinent time for Rob Booth who, with this mix, celebrates his 100th show. Booth's Electronic Explorations podcast has been a constantly great source of music since I first discovered it around about show 21, and looking back through the ample and, quite frankly stacked, list of guest mixes, its more than evident that there isn't any podcast series out there as committed to bringing quality electronic music direct to your iTunes as EE.

Much love to Bertrude.

DOWNLOAD: Gemmy - Purple Pictures Mix


[01] – Wedge – A Nite On The Wonk (Gemzy Touch)
[02] – Gemmy – Kodama (Gemmy Vip)
[03] – Gemmy – The Midnite Drive
[04] – Gemmy – Late Timing
[05] – Gemmy – Dreamscape
[06] – Gemmy – Stokes Croft ft Shadz (Gemmy Dub)
[07] – Gemmy – Marron Chant
[08] – Gemmy – Lucky Number 8
[09] – Gemmy – Noob Tube
[10] – Gemmy – Supligen (Reach fo the lazers mix)
[11] – Gemmy – Elek-tro Love
[12] – Gemmy – Rainbow Rd
[13] – Gemmy – Bring IT Bk