Tuesday, 5 May 2009

PRE-ORDER: Gemmy - Supligen/BT Tower [Planet Mu]

After his first 12” for Peverelist’s Punch Drunk label the dubstep world has been switched on to the work of yet another Bristolian producer, Gemmy. A close associate of Joker and Guido he wields the same kind of uncompromising melody that the trio have earmarked as ‘purple’ but he seems more intent on making bodies move in the dance rather than soundtracking would be blue movies, like Guido did on his debut 12”.

‘Supligen’ uses almost the exact same synth and bass combo as ‘Bass Transmitter,’ the b-side to the afore mentioned Punch Drunk 12”, to similarly devastating effect. The drum pattern is typically simple with the offbeat hi hats driving the beats motion alongside the heavy ‘wamp’ of his rapid fire bass riff.

Named after Bristol’s M32 landmark, its ‘BT Tower’ thats the beat carrying the most dance floor destruction potential on this release. Its tightly wound ascending saw wave bass line is pure rig fodder and the riff is instantly rambunctious. With its accompanying sine wave bass line complimenting the jagged edges of the riff’s assualt you get a warmth that some halfstep producers overlook and with the relatively simple arrangement it’s a sheer delight in the mix.

Words: Oli Marlow


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