Thursday, 7 May 2009

PRE-ORDER: Sigha - On The Strip/Remembrance [Hotflush Two]

Sigha’s sound is dark and understated, a little like a subtle combination of Ben Klock and Pangaea, and on the strength of this release its obvious to these ears that he makes some of the most subtle and driving dub-techno tinged dubstep around. His debut platter ‘Bruised’ b/w ‘Expansions’ was as ghostly and brooding as they come taking a swung techno groove and subtle dubbed out elements to make a true minimal dubstep crossover that was fiercely original and never sounded techno-botic or in any way clichéd. His latest offering, also on Scuba’s Hotflush Two imprint, does a whole lot more of the same.

‘On The Strip’ has those all familiar Basic Channel dub chords and puts them on a stripped back garage rhythm whose snare crackles and clips potently behind the cacophony of metalic metronome hi hats. This sound may have been done countless times over the last year or so but its Sigha’s understated and downright subterranean production that boosts him to that cut above that deserves the Hotflush stamp of approval.

The real highlight is 8 minute epic on the flip, ‘Remembrance’ rolls out breathy heart beat loops under tweaked minimal clicks and a galloping garage groove. The killer punch comes out of the darkness in the form of an almighty orchestral sounding chord drone that really shapes the progression of the beat taking the track from a eyes down meditator to an almost euphoric reach for the ceiling tiles grimacer.

Words: James Balf & Oli Marlow


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