Monday, 5 October 2009

DOWNLOAD: Loops Haunt - Baller 11% Meat Mix

Ballers Social Club hit out AGAIN, with another GMB* mix this time from producer Loops Haunt, who spews that hyper compressed hip hop beat shit that makes me whyle out the gunfingering in silence because Monday morning office politics means thats the way it has to be...

DOWNLOAD: Loops Haunt - Baller 11% Meat Mix


bass city rollers + sounds of the cosmos - loop rework
lady smith black mambazo - induku zethu
Anstam (cree) - 2
rossi b feat luca- gully gang - Music Money (78RPM mix)
milanese - the end
the end - loop rework
mike oldfield tubular bells - loop.
rubber sun grenade - loops haunt
spare beat 1 - loops haunt
slugabed - gritsalt
record i found in estonia
offshore - beef strong enough
loops haunt- impact omnihammer
impact omnihammer-- loop rework
loops haunt - spare beat 2
coco bryce -suite 101.


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