Tuesday, 10 August 2010

READ: SRQ014: Joe [Hessle Audio]

The latest edition of the Sonic Router opinion column on theQuietus focuses on Joe who has to date released music on Hessle Audio and Apple Pips...

First releasing 'Grimelight' b/w 'Rut' on the closely watched Hessle Audio in April of last year, the unknown Joe - and his efficient command of stylistically brutal percussion, minimal arrangements, thick sub bass and subtle strokes of melody – has taken over a year to provide a follow up. In the last six weeks or so, though, he has hit out with a quickly succeeded duo of platters: an untitled piece backed with 'Digest' for Appleblim's Bristol based Apple Pips label and his DJ tool-come-party-starter 'Claptrap' b/w 'Level Crossing' for Hessle. Thankfully each piece he's released has been worth the prolonged silence, jumping out from the off with stuttering drum lines and or a sense of groove that's now recognisably his: a playful yet mature exploration of unadulterated percussion and minimal sound colouration. - Oli Marlow

READ: SRQ014: Joe [Hessle Audio]


Photo: Shaun Bloodworth

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