Friday, 4 February 2011

RECOMMENDED: DJ Dom – Sunshowers/You Can’t See Me [Blunted Robots]

DJ Dom may have made his debut for the on form PTN label late last year, with four lush slices of flexible house music, but now he’s stepping out on Brackles and Shortstuff’s excellent Blunted Robots label. Joining the impressive roster of releases from the likes of Mickey Pearce, Martin Kemp and Night Slugs very own Bok Bok, Dom’s 12” may well be the smoothest Blunted release yet, taking queues from the deeper side of house and playing it off rawer UK vibes. It echoes the current sets from Rinse FM regular Brackles, who seems to be really enjoying exploring this side of things more and more of late.

It proper sounds like summer is on the way when the hazy good time vibes of ‘Sunshowers’ rolls in, all laid back warm chords, supple bumpy percussive kicks and snatched hits. First heard on Brackles' 'Songs For Endless Cities Mix' the screwed vocals give a woozy air to the track and the dubbed-out organ stabs and echoing bass squelches really bring that brightness alive, living up to the epiphany hinted at in the title. The drawn out heavy EQ sections where the track gets cut out into nothing but highs is pure vibes too, building expectation perfectly. The flip rolls out on a similar tip though ‘You Can’t See Me’ skips and builds with more urgency thanks to the dubby pads, twisted synth smears and fragments of 8-bit bleeps that shatter across the track. It’s the deep sub stabs, acid bubbles and flexible beats that root it to the floor while the synths take you up into those airy, blissed-out territories.

Sitting somewhere in the UK neverland where the likes of DJ Naughty and Martin Kemp can coexist without to much squabbling, Dom’s first outing on Blunted Robots can sit nicely next to the soulful side of Smoove Kriminal or T.Williams just as well as it does here.

Words: James Balf
Out: 7th Feb


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