Monday, 7 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Melé - Trappin (Contakt remix)/Contakt - Rhodophyta (Melé remix)

Remix swaps, whilst always popular amongst producers, are becoming hard currency of late with artists swapping stems in an attempt to out do each other. The latest duo to trade off in this manner, re-working each others music are Local Action’s Contakt (who did SR Mix 68) and UK upstart Melé – who released his Mugged EP today on Sinden’s Grizzly label. You can however, download the fruits of their labour for nothing below...

In this freebie, coined by Local Action and Grizzly, Melé funks up Contakt’s ‘Rhodophyta’ giving it more of a hip hop patterned drum lean before shattering it with snare drums and the kind of drop that kicks you square in the nuts – the ultimate ‘pods’ end game finisher if you will - whilst Contakt regiments Melé’s ‘Trappin’ using an offbeat hi hat as one of the most driving forces of his rigid techno pattern.

"Divided in terms of tempo, both tracks share a fiery, red aesthetic that makes them perfect sparring partners.”

DOWNLOAD: Melé - Trappin (Contakt remix) / Contakt - Rhodophyta (Melé remix)

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