Wednesday, 9 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: Snorkel - Stop Machine

For me, the band Snorkel represented a time in my life when I was discovering the kraut element of music, their music’s all syncopated, differentiating drum structure with a massive slab of jazz enthusiasm and a distinctly industrial edge. After being recommended Can by a friend (shout to the Nomquat) and being force fed sheer noise and black metal in close confines, I stumbled across the Slowfoot label, probably due in large part to Robert Logan. A lot of close shadowing of the Slowfoot label followed that initial interset.

Glass Darkly
, the debut album from the Snorkel collective, was a densely packed atmospheric affair, one that textures you wholly, sucking your attention completely, and with the announcement of their second album, Stop Machine, they’ve uploaded a free taster by the same name that displays a more energetic twist.

DOWNLOAD: Snorkel – Stop Machine

Snorkel’s Stop Machine is out on Slowfoot Records on the 9th May 2011.

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