Tuesday, 7 July 2009

STREAM: Sonic Router Radio - Session 003

After a forced hiatus owing to computer problems, sound card issues and wallet shaped malfunctions, MLR returns before the turn of the month [sic] with another hour of cracking music.

Featuring the best in the way of slumpy hip hop from Slugabed, Illum Sphere, Nosaj Thing and Mark Pritchard with Om Mas Keith and some top new dubstep pressure from Brackles, Martin Kemp, 2562, Pearson Sound, Emvee and Hot City, this month’s show is stacked to gills with brilliant music.

No commercials. No mercy.

STREAM: Sonic Router Radio - Session 003


1. MLR – Blewbird (CDR)
2. Keaver & Brause – Airborn (Dealmaker)
3. Illum Sphere – Hyper [Instrumental] (Fat City)
4. Nosaj Thing – 1685 Bach (Alpha Pup)
5. Mark Pritchard & Om Mas Keith – Wind It Up (forthcoming on Hyperdub)
6. Bretzel Zoo – The Dunk (forthcoming on Eat Concrete)
7. Debruit – I’m Goin’ Wit You (Civil Music)
8. Slugabed – Mother Fuckeeeer (forthcoming on Stuff Records)
9. Flying Lotus – Glendale Galleria (Tectonic)
10. Martin Kemp – No Charisma (forthcoming on Blunted Robots)
11. 2562 – Love In Outer Space (Tectonic)
12. Pearson Sound – So Far Ago (forthcoming on Soul Jazz)
13. Brackles – LHC (forthcoming on Planet Mu)
14. King Cannibal – So… Embrace The Minmum (forthcoming on Ninja Tune)
15. Untold – Just For You [Roska Remix] (forthcoming on Hotflush)
16. Emvee – Glitch Dub (Wireblock)
17. Hot City – Setting Me Free (Infrasonics)


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