Monday, 14 December 2009

PRE-ORDER: J-Kenzo – Conqueror/LD – Derailment [2nd Drop]

2nd Drop Records are like the tireless beavers in the pack, always working to better their environment. Call it too much early morning Animal 24/7 in my ocular diet, but you can’t not admit that Markle - owner of officially the best banana smile in the business – and associates have been putting out brilliant platters since their inception. Kicking off proper with Ramadanman’s ‘Good Feeling’ their stable has since become home to heaters from Sully, Clouds, 23Hz & Numaestro and the ever present LD.

Their 9th release to date then hides a good few punches with its highly coloured, scrawled artwork, Kent based producer J-Kenzo’s ‘Conqueror’ manages to fuse numerous plusses; the rolling almost paniced percussion of Untold, the spatial awareness and taught bass sensibilities of Skream and the shuddering snare drum delay of Peverelist. There's no real melody to it, its just a fully formed glorious marching kick drum onslaught that gets peppered continually with differing lines of driving woodblocks.

LD’s ‘Derailment’ fixes a more anxious gaze, creating the tension in the minor key horns and breathy atmospherics before letting fly with a rolling snare-on-every-3rd-beat-of-the-bar loop that’s never overshadowed by the bitcrusher soaked bass riff and the array of swelling chords. The second revolution turns things up a notch with the addition of a squealing daggering riff, realising the angst of his drum work perfectly and positively amping the scope for wheel backs tenfold.

Words: Oli Marlow
Out: 14th December 2009

AND, in fine gentlemanly Christmas fashion the 2nd Drop fam have offered up 4 copies of the release to win. 2 lucky entrants will scoop the full 12” with bespoke artwork by UIU UIU, and 2 runners up will get the full digital bundle and quite possibly an email lovingly written by a human.

To win email us the answer to the below question.

Q: When is conker season?

A) Autumn
B) Winter
3) Spring

Winners will be announced in the New Year.


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