Wednesday, 16 December 2009

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Spam Chop handles the first in the new series of Wigflex Podcasts. Bang the below to subscribe via iTunes.

I got a good feeling about this.

Look out for Wigflex 003 with tracks from Taylor ('Squeege') and Shortstuff coming soon.

SUBSCRIBE: Wigflex Podcast

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Spam Chop, Buffallo Herder
Rebolledo & Daniel Malosa, Marchante
Matias Aguayo, Bo jack
Taylor, Squeege
The Hizatron, Telescope dope
Moderat, Seamonkey
Darkstar, Videotape
Shackleton, Theres a slow train coming
Ratsnake, Twisted Ballon
Pfirter, Ondas Y Sondas
Mathew Johnson, Twin Cobras
Lazy Fat People, Low Profile
Van Rivers, Stretched Out (nukubus remix)
Jesper Dahlback, Snara
Electric Indigo, Phoca Sibirica
Matt obrien, Blackwood freestyle
The Hizatron ,poached
October, Medium
Trentemoller, Miss You (remix)
Mount kimbie, 50 Mile view
Shortstuff, Galaxy
Max Cooper, ???
Spam Chop, Ergoline


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