Monday, 10 May 2010

DOWNLOAD: Hyetal - Lucky Me Mix

Bristol's Hyetal completely surpassed our expectations last year, providing one of our very favourite Sonic Router mixes and releasing vinyl encoded with his music on Formant, Reduction and Soul Motive before 2009 was out. He also launched 2010 in style, with the immense collaborative 12" with Shortstuff on Punch Drunk - which is still heavy in rotation at SR HQ - so we welcomed the polite and informative email we received from him this morning with a high level of glee.

Touting his mix for the Lucky Me collective - which just went live last Friday - he went on to divulge that his "next release will be my tune 'Phoenix' on Orca Recordings, after the XI/Headhunter 12", so it'll be sometime this summer..."

"I've been collaborating a lot as well as writing solo; new stuff with Shortstuff, Peverelist and Baobinga will be surfacing on various labels later this year and there's a bunch of remixes on their way too... so there's lots on the horizon."

DOWNLOAD: Hyetal - Lucky Me Mix (Scroll down, its number 70)

No tracklist given, sucker.


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  1. Flippin' Awesome Hyetal rocks assuredly everytime I hear him!!! Last track on here is SOLID CLASS!!!

    thanks Ollie!!