Friday, 14 May 2010

READ/DOWNLOAD: SRQ012 - Eleven Tigers

SRQ012 focuses its attention on the work of Lithuanian producer Jokubas Dargis aka Eleven Tigers - ahead of the release of his astounding Clouds Are Mountains album on the Soul Motive label - concentrating on his strong bond with technology, a deep love of Talk Talk and his improvisational techniques.

His Sonic Router mix is also strangely bewitching.

READ/DOWNLOAD: SRQ012 - Eleven Tigers


Insides – Yes
Apparat – Wooden
Hildur Gudnadottir – Elevation
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Lose Me On The Way
Arovane – Auben
Autechre – Sim Gishel
Efterklang – Chapter 6
Bark Psychosis – Burning The City
Biosphere – When I Leave
Spyweirdos – Should Be A Spell
Deaf Center – Eloy
Tomas Dvorak – Mr.Handogate
Pangaea – You & I
Eleven Tigers – Autogenesis
Caural – Cruel Fate Of Spring


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