Tuesday, 23 November 2010

DOWNLOAD: Pixelord - Magic Firn

Russian producer Pixelord is someone who has long been in our periphery. Floating around that Slugabed/Coco Bryce populated void between, skweee, straight up hip hop and its uptempo dubstep cousin, he’s to date released an EP on the Error Broadcast digital imprint entitled Lucid Freaks alongside a follow up remix package which featured fellow Russian up and comers DZA and Demokracy, amongst others, attacking his source material. Backing it up with the Love Is EP for the Car Crash Set label – a Seattle based label whose grasp on our inbox seemingly grows stronger by the day with top of the line releases from people like King Thing, Distal, MusSck, C.R.S.T. and Mistamen – he’s on the verge a couple more releases.

“I plan to do new EPs in 2011," he told us when we caught up with him. "One EP on 12" vinyl, including an Om Unit remix and there’s another EP with Car Crash Set to come in 2011 too with remixes from SRC, Monky, Doshy, VVV, Pariah, Submerse and more. These are the plans and I’m working really hard to make it all real.”

Structurally his beats manage to really perfect that vital snap, with the snares sitting perfectly on top his winding bass work and primitive pixel edged melodies. It’s a real call and response thing with his music; as soon as it rolls out, it moves you. With determination and the necessary beat talent to back it up – see ‘Cartoon Friend’ or ‘Bossworm’ on the Lucid Freaks EP, he seems more than aware of his niche.

“Pixelord is a solo project by me, Alexy Devyanin. I’m doing music and art, exploring modern electronic music, synths, beats and bass. The Russian new electronic so called ‘beat scene’ is a kind of mutation of past electronic music and new trends, so right now the scene is really small.”

With players like the Sonic Router featured Demokracy, Pixelord himself and the Black Acre destined DZA all firing, it sounds and feels like the core native players have got the necessary legs to develop into something truly special. Having followed his whereabouts via twitter, he got in touch recently to tout his wares and offer Sonic Router readers an exclusive taste of his music.

“I have an amount of unreleased tracks that I like to give away from time to time, when I feel it’s the right time for it. So this track, ‘Magic Firn’ is not really fresh, but it’s a good part of my past work from this year.”

DOWNLOAD: Pixelord – Magic Firn

You can also download the Lucid Freaks EP and its remix package at 192kbps over at Error Broadcast's Bandcamp.


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