Monday, 15 November 2010

DOWNLOAD: Scientist Meets LoDubs @ Version

What comes as an incredibly timely aside to Tectonic’s Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space project, also ties in gloriously with our movements this coming week. For as well as working with Tectonic boss Pinch, re-versioning tracks from today’s elite producers like Shackleton, Loefah, Guido, Mala and more, it seems Scientist has been hard at work, re-wiring sounds live, creating his own dub versions of the productions he displays.

He’s doing it across the UK throughout November, starting this Thursday at fabric in London, he’ll be touring the country appearing in Glasgow and Brighton. Travelling with Pinch, Mala, Loefah and The Upsetters, who formed the nucleus of The Wailers - famed for their work with Bob Marley, he’ll be remixing the band live, stamping his own technologically savvy swagger across the music they create.

A pearly co-incidence then that Jon from the LoDubs label got in touch, touting a recording of a show he did in his native Portland at his Version club night with Scientist. What follows, in addition to the recording itself, is his explanation of the project:

“We’ve left the recording quite raw on purpose to both preserve the live nature of the recording and to make it just a taste. Many of these tunes will be released as part of our upcoming 12" collaborations with Scientist.”

“As for the story on out involvement with Hopeton [Brown aka Scientist], I received a Myspace message from him out of the blue, in which he expressed his appreciation of the LoDubs sound, in particular the work of 6blocc, and how he would like to collaborate with us in order to bring out our sounds ‘hidden third dimension.’ Of course, we jumped on that, and decided that the best way to go would be for us to do a live show to get it all moving. What followed three weeks later is this recording.”

“The trickiest part, in the interim, was figuring out just HOW to make it happen. Hopeton had a pretty specific set of needs for the equipment, and in addition it became clear that in order for him to be able to manipulate the material correctly, we would need to create multi track feeds of many of the tracks from the back catalogue in order to feed them live to him. We enlisted the assistance of Alter Echo, who is a remarkable dub musician in his own right, and has collaborated in a similar capacity with Mad Professor, DJ Spooky, Dr Israel, and many others. The final link in the chain was Jagga, who is the house vocalist for our two monthlies, VARIOUS and VERSION. The live dubbing of the Scientist over these elements are really the thing that ties it all together.”

DOWNLOAD: Scientist Meets LoDubs @ Version


1. Hoodz (6blocc & UOME) Bad Mind
2. Meesha - Block Rhythm (Version 1)
3. Egoless - Rainbow Dub
4. El Rakkas - I & I
5. Meesha - Block Rhythm (Version 2)


Catch Scientist at fabric this Thursday:


Oh and there are two mp3's from the project that just went live over at Tectonic's website, though they are collated here for you also...


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