Monday, 8 November 2010

STREAM: Jack Dixon - Substitue EP [Silverback Recordings]

Versed, as you all should be by now, in our love for all things Polish this post comes to kill two birds with one stone. Silverback Recordings are putting out the debut EP from Jack Dixon, a name you may have seen littered accross our show's tracklists, and the 'Substitute EP' features 6 original tracks from the producer coming equipped with remixes from Damu, Cairo, Swarms, Daily and one of our new obsessions, Polish producer, The Phantom - who turns in the stand out remix of the EP with his version of 'I Let You.'

A big fan of synthesized swells, Dixon's production is clean and perfectly measured. With an obvious emphasis on the use of vocal snippets tracks like 'Needin' U' and 'Be There' hint at the talent he possesses - fusing a house tempoed pulse with his freewheeling melodies and thick, almost inaudible low end.

Stream: Jack Dixon - Substitute EP Preview

'Subsitute EP' is out digitally 22nd November.


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  1. Been blasting this out my internship at Little Ted's over the PA system.