Thursday, 11 November 2010

READ: SRQ016: Distal [Embassy Recordings]

This month the Sonic Router column on theQuietus profiles Atlantan producer, promoter and Embassy Recordings label boss, Distal. A long time conspirator of ours, his tireless enthusiasm, astonishing commitment to pushing bass heavy sounds in his native territory and his frankly incredible hit rate when it comes to fresh music makes him one our super friends - a hallowed honour bestowed on but a few.

"I remember growing up in Atlanta where liking electronic music was kind of a rebellious movement from the norm. Atlanta has been 100% rap and hip hop since as far back as I can remember; there's never been room for techno!" Distal recalls coyly. "It's a double-edged sword really. On one side, the masses and popular musicians in America are finally into dance music and dubstep in particular, but at what cost?" - Oli Marlow

READ: SRQ016: Distal
DOWNLOAD: Distal - Sonic Router Mix #59


Distal – 'Amphibian'
Moldy – 'No Means To Smoke It' (Forthcoming Embassy Recordings)
Subreachers – 'Let Go' [Jack Sparrow Remix]
Distal – 'Novocaine Blonde' (Forthcoming Fortified)
Mayhem – 'Freak' (Forthcoming Argon)
Distal – 'Mamanimal'
Rashad – 'Who Tesr'
Distal – 'Boca Ratawn' (Forthcoming GhettoPhiles)
Wheez-ie – 'Barefoot Billy'
Distal & DJ Rashad – 'Stuck Up Money'
Bombaman – 'No Touch' (Aufect)
MachineDrum – 'GYBE'
Ruckspin – 'Shikra' (Pushing Red)
Ramadanman – 'Bass Drums' (Soul Jazz)
Distal – 'EEL' (Forthcoming Seclusiasis)
Mayhem & Distal – 'Frozen Barnacles' (Surefire)
Acre – 'Ghatt' (Embassy Recordings)
Addison Groove – '5 Mins Of Funk'
Distal & HxdB – 'Typewrtier Tune VIP!' (Surefire)
Distal – 'Feed Me'


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