Thursday, 11 February 2010

DOWNLOAD: October - Hotflush Podcast

Throwing an aural curveball into your iTunes subscription, Caravan Records boss man, October, has put together the latest in Hotflush's podcast series; but contrary to the run of upfront mixes from people like Sigha, Skipple and Hotflush honcho Scuba, October selects from the finest grunge and sleezey rock bands giving us an insight into his love for Killing Joke, The Butthole Surfers and The Jesus Lizard.

DOWNLOAD: October - Hotflush Podcast


1. (Intro) Audionaut -'Sea & Sky Part 2 (Caravan)
2. Neu! - 'Hallogallo' (Gronland)
3. Wooden Shjips - 'Contact' (Disco Frisco)
4. Johnny Richmond & The Modern Lovers - 'She's Cracked'
5. Killing Joke - 'Change' (Virgin)
6. DAF - 'Der Musollini (Mute)
7. Adriana Sings 'Me and my rhythm box' (Liquid Sky OST)
8. Big Black - 'The Model' (Touch & Go)
9. Tri-Pod Jimmie - 'Autumn Leaves' (DCG)
10. Butthole Surfers - '22 Going On 23' (Touch & Go)
11. The Jesus Lizard - 'Happy Bunny Goes Fluff-Fluff Along' (Touch & Go)
12. Earth 2 - 'The Gold and the Feaceted' (Sub Pop)
13. Sonic Youth - 'The Burning Spear' (SST)
14. PIL - 'Theme' (Virgin)
15. Killdozer - 'Hush' (Touch & Go)
16. Sleep - 'Dragonaut' (Earache Records)
17. Melvins - 'It's Shoved' (Boner Records)
18. Scratch Acid - 'Greatest Gift' (Touch & Go)
19. The Heroine Sheiks - 'Grab The Wheel' (Rubric Records)
20. Babes In Toyland - 'Bluebell' (Reprise Records)
21. Cows - 'Heave Ho' (Amphetamine Reptile)
22. Rapeman - 'Trowser Minnow' (Touch & Go)
23. Meat Puppets - 'Up On The Sun' (SST Ryko Issue)
24. Foreign Bodies -'The Incredible Truth' (Amphetamine Reptile)
25. Nirvana - 'Beans' (Geffen)
26. (Outro) Audionaut - 'Sea & Sky' (Caravan)

Look out for October's latest single 'Flat Top Muscle' b/w 'Memory Man' dropping sometime in March on Caravan; its a glorious example of his micro-produced techno brilliance. 'Memory Man' is just retarded good...


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