Tuesday, 2 February 2010

VIDEO: Kode 9 - RBMA Lecture Excerpt

In case you’ve not been on the internet for the last month or so: The Red Bull Music Academy is coming to London this month - from 7th Feb - bringing with it an enviable slew of upcoming producers you’ve read about on here if you’re a regular reader, that are too many to individually name check.

Cue G=gumpf:

“The Red Bull Music Academy is a platform for those who shape our musical future, a music workshop that has been traveling the world since 1998. Setting up our EQ HQ for two fortnight-long 'terms' in a different musical metropolis each year, we pull together pioneers of days-gone-by and musical legends of tomorrow from all aspects of rhythm and sound.”

Along with lectures (you can see an exclusive excerpt of the Kode 9 interview from a few years back below), studio workshops and radio workshops for the lucky few selected, there are also numerous events coming to the metropolis of London.

Keep your eyes peeled for news on events and happenings.

For more information check:

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