Friday, 16 April 2010

DOWNLOAD: Greg G [7even Recordings] - The Modulation Mix

French label 7even Recordings have built up an allegiance with quality over their 14 vinyl releases to date. Shedding light on work from producers such as Likhan and Helixir the label released its first full length album, Energy Distortion by F, a month back prompting us to make the producer the subject of our February Quietus column (grab his exclusive SRQ010 mix and read the feature here) on the strength of our hankering for it.

Originally put together by label honcho, Greg G, as a bonus for those who purchased F’s album in a certain branch of Japanese record shops, ‘The Modulation Mix’ has since been expanded upon a little to incorporate “current 7even dubs with some forthcoming releases as well. It’s got some exclusive tracks from the forthcoming Helixir's album too" - which Greg assures us should be out around September this year.

DOWNLOAD: Greg G – The Modulation Mix


Helixir – Atlantis
Helixir – Summertime
Dogboy – Mellow
Dogboy – Medusa
Helixir x G.Rina – Let You Drive
Helixir – Space Travelling
Joaan – Nocturnality
F – The Departure
Joaan – 115 State
F – Fragments
Helixir – Black Cat
Likhan – Victoire

+ there’s a free DL of Helixir & G.Rina’s ‘Let You Drive’ track which appears in the mix here:

DOWNLOAD: Helixir x G.Rina’s - Let You Drive


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