Sunday, 4 April 2010

RECOMMENDED: Kontext - Dissociate [Immerse]

"Kontext is set to perplex the world with his album project 'Dissociate' on Bristol’s Immerse imprint. Famed for its more drum-funk heavy productions from players like XI, TRG and October, the label is treading out into a new format with one of its most treasured producers at the helm. Steering his work through militant bass loaded kick drums and shimmering swathes of echoed synthesizer, the Russian producer–who incidentally just upped a free EP here – coats his work in completely fluent bass frequencies, using flicks of noise and glitches for his percussion. Consequently sharing more similarities with people like dBridge & Instra:mental than any of his dub techno brethren." - SRURB003


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