Tuesday, 6 April 2010

PRE-ORDER: Teebs & Jackhigh - Tropics EP [Svetlana Industries]

Svetlana Industries, one of the first people to introduce the extended Sonic Router family to 1000Names way back when, are hitting out with their 2nd vinyl release: a collaborative EP between the Brainfeeder aligned Teebs and UK producer Jackhigh, whose name you may have seen gracing the sleeve on Up My Alley's somewhat seminal Beatnicks 12"s. Following on from Filtercutter’s ‘1UP’ and it's accompanying Ramadanman refix, Svetlana are cutting a rougher rug with the Tropics EP, capitalising on the duo’s penchant for cut up sound snatches and beat sketches.

Less of an EP and more a mini album Tropics was built by the producers over an 18 month collaboration, with both parties organically shooting ideas back and forth over the internet. What emerged from the cross Atlantic sessions is potent; a stew of hyper chopped strings and synth stabs, intriguingly awkward stutters and rhythms that confuse as much as they make your neck work. The detail in tracks like 'Comes To Mind' is super-extensive, with the sample grain and static adding another welcome texture, that compliments the beat patterns extremely well. 'Rains' slows the pace a touch with ambient shrills and clomping percussion before the eponymous EP highlight (audio available in SRR008 here) slurps up into earshot with scattergun percussion and a flammed snare crunch that intertwines somewhat emphatically with the ring of the wood chimes.

Words: Oli Marlow
Out: Today

As a taster the label is giving away the EP opener ‘Clutch’ which you can grab via their bandcamp site or via the handy widget below...

And they’ve also laced us with an exclusive download of an as yet unreleased Jackhigh track called ‘Turbines,’ which you can download exclusively at our soundcloud profile...

DOWNLOAD: Jackhigh – Turbines


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