Thursday, 15 April 2010

LISTEN: Sonic Router on

Made up of a potent stew of some of Bristol and the South West's most vital music collectives, is a brand new internet radio station representing a collective train of thought and a passion for innovative and fresh electronic music worldwide.

We've been invited to be a part of it so if you're at your computer between 10pm - 12am GMT - TONIGHT - lock into to catch the debut live show from us. Alongside the mandatory idle on mic patter we'll be rocking some exclusive Sonic Router mixes (that aren't up online yet) from Belgian beat maestro Dynooo and Lucky Me affiliate Dema, amongst other bits...

LISTEN: Sonic Router on TONIGHT between 10pm-12am

Available to stream online or on your iPhone.

For shouts/insults log into the chatroom or hit us on the twitter @sonic_router

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