Friday, 10 September 2010

INTERVIEW: Spam Chop Talks Wigflex

If you’ve followed us on here or over on our associated Quietus Column, you’ll be aware of our bias towards the Wigflex imprint but the forthcoming WF004 by former Sonic Router mix giver and rude boy techno master, The Hizatron, definitely carves its own niche. Full of squeals and bubbling leads that fumble around the pummeling 4 four kick drum on the A side, ‘Telescope Dope,’ it’s the forgotten EP we couldn’t live without. ‘Executive Ball Scratcher’ on the flip harnesses the lower frequencies of bass pressure with huge stabs permeating the multicolour drunken melodies, epitomizing the stylistic approach of the HZA man perfectly, before ‘Klondyke’ then descends into saw tooth propelled darkness.

After his low key announcement on dubstepforum recently, we tracked down Wigflex boss Spamchop, to discuss WF004 and the end of his Nottingham club night’s summer hiatus.

Sonic Router: It’s been a little bit quiet for Wigflex over the summer. What’s been going down? What have you been up to?

Spam Chop: It has been a little quiet, I guess it's because Nottingham becomes a bit of a ghost town in the summer, what with the student's going home and people going to festival's/holiday… We don't really put any nights on as it would be hard to fill the venue we are at. We have launched a Wigflex night up in Manchester though and had MCDE, Actress, Darkstar, Cooly G and Deep Teknologi pass through the basement of Sound Control so far. I'm looking forward to next couple of guest's we have booked for these sessions a lot!

Your coming back strong with a new EP from Hizatron. Tell us a little bit about that in your own words? What made you want to come back with that?

I just love the tunes really; it’s that trippy filth that Hiza's so good at making. I’ve been playing these out for a while now and they always get a good reaction in clubs, so it just made sense these would be the next release.

Hizatron – Telescope Dope [Wigflex]

Hizatron – Executive Ball Scratcher [Wigflex]

Hizatron – Klondyke [Wigflex]

What else is coming up for the label? That Metaphi LP done up yet? Hahahaha…

Hehe, yeah man it’s ready and it’s rather good if I do say so myself! That’ll be Wigflex 005… After that we have a Lone tune coming out and an album by Taylor.

So the nights are back on in Notts... what/who have you got coming up?

We have some big lineups planned for autumn in Nottingham as well as up in Manchester. I’m currently creating some collectable fliers with cut out Wigflex character nets on the front for these events… We are going to run some sort of competition for our favorite photo of these toys I get back, not sure what the prize will be yet mind.....

October 22nd @ Stealth Nottingham

James Holden, Luke Abbott, Ikonika, Untold, Cooly G, Pariah, Kavsrave, Lone, Spam Chop, Metaphi, Erra, Spare

November 6th @ Sound Control Manchester

Roman Flugel, Spam Chop, Taylor

November 19th @ Stealth Nottingham

Jamie XX, Joy Orbison, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Hudson Mohawke, James Blake, Jackmaster, Lone, Spam Chop, Hizatron

December 4th @ Sound Control Manchester

Shed (live), More TBC


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