Monday, 6 September 2010

RECOMMENDED: T.Williams – Chop & Screw EP [Deep Teknologi]

T.Williams’ first EP on the freshly minted Local Action label is still a personal favourite; with Mr. Williams rolling on a dark, teched out stompy flex that gets pretty addictive considering the insistent nature of his pounding kick drums. After the last two releases on Deep Teknologi from Zander Hardy and J.Bevin, both maintaining the quality levels of his own output, the label boss steps up with a three track EP all of his own that picks up where the Local Action EP left off, evolving into something that could easily slay a bigger room dance.

Opening with ‘Chop & Screw’ we walk right into peak time on some hazy Ibiza dance floor; bumpy disco and funk loops building like a filter house track – a trick you wouldn’t necessarily expect to hear on a dark edged UK funky release. At first it’s a bit awkward, seemingly a little hard to get on board with; but when the beats drop into that punchy, rolling rhythm with the deep flexing bassline and skittish snare hits, it’s hard not to lose yourself in it.

Things get darker with the rest of the EP, ‘Hard Cash’ and ‘In The Deep’ sound like they’ve been carved out of heavy summer heat, shaking themselves free from a dense haze of dubbed-out bass frequencies. The basslines on both of these get thing moving; ‘Hard Cash’ pulses and drones until unleashing deadly down turning rave stabs and ‘In The Deep’ has an impressive pulsing funk to it. Maybe its Williams’ grimy side coming out again but both of these are dark with a restrained swagger that means business.

T.Williams - Chop & Screw [forthcoming Deep Teknologi]

Words: James Balf
Out: Soon


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