Tuesday, 7 September 2010

RECOMMENDED: Breach – Fatherless/(Doc Daneeka’s Mrr Snrz Rmx)/Man Up [PTN]

PTN are seemingly very much ‘on it’ right now; the freshly minted offshoot of Ramp Recordings specializes in the house orientated heaters that have been heating up the wider, for want of a better word, bass music scene. With previous releases from 'Elevator Music' earmarked artists like Hackman, Doc Daneeka and Hypno the label’s 4th release stems from Breach, the house alter ego of producer Ben Westbeech, and the tribal anthem ‘Fatherless.’ Having worked dancefloors over for what seems like months it was only recently confirmed the tune would be seeing wax on PTN and Breach’s mix for Mary Anne Hobb’s Radio 1 show only cemented the appeal of this new wave of Westbeech’s productions.

It’s the raw physical power the simple elements of the hard hitting tribal drum workouts combining with the looping flute phrases that make ‘Fatherless’ such an instantly gratifying tune. It keeps rolling and rolling pretty relentlessly the booming kicks, snare splashes with the tribal percussion you can pretty much sing-along to never letting up, making it a lot more powerful in the mix than on a solo listen. The icing on the cake though, is the quick fire sample declaring the mantra “Fatherless,” playfully pitched it pipes up on the offbeat, providing a knowing call to the dance.

The much in demand Doc Daneeka brings the original’s almost dubstep sounding lilt, given the prominence of the bassline and super simplistic layer arrangement, further into house territory with a four four kick, relentless fizzling snares and pulsing bassline. It doesn’t add that much but it doesn’t detract either, conveying that slightly different vibe Daneeka’s excelling in of late, perfectly. The b-side cut ‘Man Up’ is a subtler production from Westbeech but its just as tribal, looping chants and swirling tabla’s that get twisted out of all proportion and really bring the energy rush before the drop.

The A side is pure dance floor fire; and even though it’s been rinsed for an incredibly long time, it’s still as big, brash and seriously addictive as it was when you first heard it.

Words: James Balf
Out: Now


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