Wednesday, 24 June 2009

DOWNLOAD: Joy Orbison - DLDRMS001

Anyone who attended the last Thugs'n'Hugs w/ Slugabed and Joy Orbison will know whats up.

This is the first mix I've seen pop up from Joy Orbison so I'm trying my darndest to filter my enthusiasm for it, through this text and into your jittering eyeballs.


DOWNLOAD: Joy Orbison - DLDRMS001


1. Pearson Sound - Indelible // Aus
2. Karizma - Drumz Nightmare // R2
3. Nu-Birth - Anytime // Locked On
4. Tonya Renee - About You (Karizma Boucha Remix) // Home Recordings
5. Altered Natives - Rass Out // Fresh Minute Music
6. Joy Orbison - Smother // DOLDRUMS
7. Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyn Remix) // Curle
8. Shed - Selection One // Soloaction
9. Ultramarine - Hooter (Carl Craig Remix/JORb EdiT) // Real Soon
10. Joy Orbison - Tentative Bidding // DOLDRUMS
11. Martyn - Hear Me // 3024
12. Joy Orbison - J. Doe // DOLDRUMS
13. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo // Hotflush

Biggup thosssse at No Pain In Pop.



  1. Cracking - also, fancy shedding any light on what those white CDDJs are in the image?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. this guys my favourite producer at the minute... nice one for the mix

  4. big things coming. Hotflush release + own label flex.

  5. Superb Mix, thanks a bunches Sonic rooter :)

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