Friday, 5 June 2009

DOWNLOAD: MLR - Celebrated Scenester Mix

In illustrious celebration of the traffic marker we reached this week - hold tight 20,000 seperate visits - I fully intended to give a mix out, done by my fair hands as a present to you, the readership. And whilst its been up and twittered to death for a week or so prior I still wanted to commemorate this moment with something... so here it is: the promise I've broken to myself by featuring my work on a blog that's fully supposed to be about how great other people are.

Special thanks to Radio Magnetic for packaging it up nice as a podcast and uber special thanks to everyone who's said nice things about the blog.

More soon come.

DOWNLOAD: MLR - Celebrated Scenester Mix


1. Wollom – Serenade (CDR)
2. Joe – Rut (Hessle Audio)
3. Various Production feat. V.E.X. – Ramp (Various)
4. Gemmy – BT Tower (Planet Mu)
// s p a t i a l – 90121 (Infrasonics)
5. Joker & Ginz – Re Up (Kapsize)
6. 2562 – Embrace (3024)
7. Martyn – Vancouver (3024)
8. Ramadanman – Ofal (Soul Jazz)
9. Zomby – The Lie (Ramp)
10. Zomby – Aquafresh (Hyperdub)
11. Joker – Do It (Kapsize)
12. Kotchy – Check Out My Keychain (Civil Music)
13. Ramadanman – Blimey (Hessle Audio)
14. Pangaea – Bear Witness (Hotflush)
15. Cooly G – Love Dub (Hyperdub)
// Ital Tek – Octa (Planet Mu)
16. Phaelah – Isolate (Surface Tension)
17. Peverelist – Clunk Clip Every Trip (Punch Drunk)
// Toasty – The Knowledge [Untold Remix] - Hotflush

Direct download link here (via Mediafire)


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