Tuesday, 30 June 2009

DOWNLOAD: Wireblock Mix for RA

Scottish label and member of the Numbers crew, Wireblock just got touted as Label of The Month by all round music-knowledge-portal Resident Advisor... And deservedly so in my opinion.

Its like Mr Carnage says: "There aren't many other labels around that would go from UK funky to Drexciyan electro in the space of two releases".

Read the full article here: http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?1067

DOWNLOAD: Wireblock Mix for RA


Part 1, Mixed by Nelson
Redinho - Boy Racer [Wireblock/Numbers]
Cajmere - Percolator [Cajual]
Cooly G - Narst [Hyperdub]
Ghosts on Tape - Predator Mode (Roska remix) [Wireblock]
Lil Silva - Pulse vs Flex [White]
Emvee - Glitch Dub [Wireblock]

Part 2, Mixed by Spencer

Roska - Feeline VIP (Stop Start remix) [Roska Kicks and Snares]
Shake - For The Lamented [Frictional]
D Malice - Gabryelle Refix [White]
Shystie - Pull It (Ill Blu Remix) [It's Funky]
Waxmaster - Going Down [Dance Mania]
Apple - Siegalizer [Slimting]
Manix! - Special Request [Reinforced]
DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty [Earth 616 White]
Rustie - Bad Science [Wireblock]

Part 3, Mixed by Jackmaster
Radioactiveman - Goodnight Morton [Rotter's Golf Club]
Rich Boy - Throw Some D's Accapella [Interscope]
Untold - It's Gonna Work Out Fine (dub)
DJ Deeon - Freak U Rite [Dance Mania]
AFX - PWSteal.Bancos.Q [Rephlex]
Human Action Network - Eating Angelic Diamonds [Alphabasic]
DJ Assault - Ass N Titties [Assault Rifle]
Drexciya - Digital Tsunami [Tresor]
Mr. De' - Y2K Bug [Electrofunk]
Redinho - Pitter Patter [Wireblock]
Ghosts On Tape - Kryptonite (Dub)
Ginuwine - Pony [550 Music]


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