Monday, 1 June 2009

PRE-ORDER: Joker & Ginz – Purple City/Re-Up [Kapsize]

Joker’s Kapsize imprint has grown from strength to strength since its inception last year, whipping both dubstep and grime heads up into an excited fury whilst managing to draw in a whole heap of those Alex Nut excited hip hop heads with the last platter ‘Do It’ b/w ‘Psychedelic Runway’ – which coincidentally was Joker’s first release to achieve that saturation level of BBC Radio 1 recognition.

The young Bristolian’s collaborations have always been special; the squall of the manic synth led madness of ‘Play Doe’ (KAP002) with Rustie was a true meeting of minds but now, for his latest offering, he’s not letting up, hooking up with 30Hz of The Body Snatchers who appears here under his Ginz moniker. ‘Purple City’ rolls with snapping crunk fuelled drums and electro bongos before the synth hooks sing at you like a crooning robot, whose tortured circuits ooze raw soul, before the bass line pumps energy into every orifice possible with its sub low growl.

Flip it and you get ‘Re-Up’ which for all you educated watchers of The Wire will know is slang for a stash re-stock, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t explode out of the blocks like a morning bump. The orchestral build up atop the crisp snapping percussion that ushers in the bass drop is a pure fire spin back moment. Pulsing with the kind of high-octane bass pressure and the kind of hooks not heard since ‘Gully Brook Lane’ or ‘Grimy Princess’ this one has been working dance floors into a frenzy and is still showing no signs of slowing up.

Words: James Balf


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