Thursday, 13 August 2009

DOWNLOAD: Akkachar - Exclusive 'Infection Mixxx' for

The former purveyor of a Sonic Router mix, Akkachar hooks up a mix for Bassmusicblog featuring upfront Guido dubs as well as a whole bunch more forthcoming releases on his Rwina lable including 501 and Starkey.

DOWNLOAD: Akkachar - Exclusive 'Infection Mixxx' for


Guido - Korg Back [dub]
Guido - Cat In The Window [dub]
501 - St. Ives [Rwina dub]
501 - Incognito [dub]
Ikonika - Please [Hyperdub]
Shortstuff - Stuff [Ramp dub]
Taz Buckfaster - Orange Jelly [Rwina dub]
Shortstuff - A Rustling [Ramp dub]
D1 - Witch [Rwina dub]
Von D - Nouvelle Histoire [Argon dub]
DJ Madd - So Far Away [dub]
Ike Release - 11th Hour [dub]
DJ Madd - Dr. Zalost [dub]
Starkey - Rain City [Rwina dub]
Dorian Concept - The Fukkin Formula [Nod Navigators]
Mono/Poly - Distant From [Beat Dimensions]


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