Monday, 24 August 2009

PRE-ORDER: Cyrus – Space Cadet/Junk Yard [Tectonic]

In a world where dubstep is an ever evolving beast spawning and mutating into anything from full on rave anthems to strange hybrids of hip-hop people like Cyrus are keeping the original dark, dirty and deep vibes going and pushing it into new territories. After releasing the first artist album on Tectonic, this is his first single on the label since; pushing a similar concoction of bass weight and drum thumps as Distance, the man who picked Cyrus for Mary Anne Hobbs hallowed Dubstep Warz showcase sequel, Generation Bass earlier this year.

‘Space Cadet,’ which in fact got aired on Generation Bass as a dubplate, is a dubbed out almost industrial sounding number with, as the name suggests, a proper spaced out sound. You can almost hear the afterburners of a shuttle deep in space morphing into reverberating bass. There is a half step vibe going on here but the heavy kick plays off the high hats, crackles and snare to create a swung groove with an almost jazz swagger. The breakdown is so epic it drops out into silence where you feel like you’re in a vacuum before a chest-pummelling bass drops back in.

‘Junk Yard’ on the flip has a more driving sound to it with double kicks and a gnarly deep down and dirty alien bass line that’s coupled with that huge tell tale Cyrus sub. There is a dark bounce that you’ll surely connect with if you’re feeling anyone from Mala to Goth Trad. There’s a raw, physical feeling to this track and you can just tell it’s been made to test the big rigs.

Words: James Balf
Out: September ‘09


Cyrus on Generation Bass

Random Trio have also just begun their foray into the world of podcasts.

SUBSCRIBE: Random Trio Podcast – Episode 1 (Via iTunes)

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