Monday, 10 August 2009

EVENT: Back To The Wood @ Gramaphone

This Saturday, East London's Gramaphone plays host to Lone, John Daly and Joy Orbison - pusher of one of the most hyped tracks of the moment, 'Hyph Mngo,' which we can confirm has been scheduled for an early September release on Hotflush with 'Wet Look' on the flip.

Familiarise yourself with the Back To The Wood people and what they do by delving into their podcasts:

with entries from TAKE, 1000 Names, Mono/Poly and Actress amongst others...

PLUS: We've kindly been given a pair of tickets to giveaway.

Email us the answer to the question below to win.

Lone's debut album Lemurian was released on which label?

A) Dealmaker Records
B) Dealbreaker Records
3) Dealshaker Records

Winners will be announced on Thursday. Please ensure you can attend before entering.


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  1. This is fantastic! This track is sort of in the Hudson Mohawkish sound. Thnx!