Wednesday, 5 August 2009

NEWS: Hyperdub Is 5

The full announcement is done. Rather than rephrase I bring you word seeded from Bleep:

"October will see the release of ‘5 Years of Low End Contagion’, a double CD marking Hyperdub’s five years of life as a record label. Honouring their past, present and future in equal measure, ‘5 Years of Low End Contagion’ is comprised of one disc of prior highlights, and one of freshly composed material contributed by Hyperdub artists and close friends. A series of five 12-inch EPs in special sleeves featuring a selection of the new tunes will be issued, one per week, leading up to the release of ‘5 Years of Low End Contagion’."

Which equals:

Hyperdub 5.1 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB023) Released: 31/08/09
Kode9 & The Spaceape ft. ChaCha - ‘Time Patrol’
Black Chow – ‘Purple Smoke’
Flying Lotus – ‘Disco Balls’

Hyperdub 5.2 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB024) Released: 07/09/09
Joker & Ginz – ‘Stash’
Zomby – ‘Tarantula’
Samiyam – ‘Roller Skates’

Hyperdub 5.3 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB025) Released: 14/09/09
Quarta330 – ‘Bleeps From Outer Space’
LV – ‘Turn Away’

Hyperdub 5.4 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB026) Released: 21/09/09
Martyn – ‘Mega Drive Generation’
LD – ‘Shake It’

Hyperdub 5.5 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB027) Released: 28/09/09
Mala – ‘Level Nine’
Cooly G – ‘Weekend Fly’

5 Year Of Low End Contagion - 2x CD Compilation
CD#1 - A CD compilation including all the tracks featured on the 5 EP's. Plus several additional previously unreleased tracks.
CD#2 - A 16 track mix of hyperdub back catalogue, many of which have never been released on cd before.



Audio previews on Bleep here:


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