Sunday, 27 September 2009

DOWNLOAD: Kowton - Exclusive Blackdown Mix

Following on from the Desto mix, and filling the void between gaps in his Pitchfork column, Martin Clark presents another pearl of an exclusive mix from Bristol based producer Kowton (sometimes known as Narcossist), who has been freshly signed to Blackdown's Keysound label.

Kowton "Stasis (g mix)/"Countryman" [Keysound]

Check out the full interview here:

DOWNLOAD: Kowton - Exclusive Blackdown Mix


STL - Bird Art (Something)
Andre - Moments in Life (Mahogani Music)
WBeeza - He So Crazy (Third Ear)
Soundstream - "Live" Goes On (Soundstream)
Kowton - Stasis (G mix) (Keysound)
DJ Abstract - Touch (Tempa)
Kowton - Looking At You (unreleased)
Pearson Sound - Wad (Hessle Audio)
Kowton - Countryman (Keysound)
Emvee - Nocturnal (Wireblock)
Kowton - Metronome (LV Remix)(unreleased - Nakedlunch forthcoming?)
Joe - Grimelight (Hessle Audio)
Peverelist - Bluez (unreleased - Punch Drunk forthcoming)
Guido - Beautiful Complication (Punch Drunk forthcoming)


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