Wednesday, 18 November 2009

DOWNLOAD: Kode 9 - Sinogrime Minimix

Lower End Spasm are laying host to a minimix of grime instrumentals done by Kode 9 a few years back, that is based around the loose theme of 'a momentary glitch in the supposedly predictable sonic geography of London dance music,' a micro genre dubbed sinogrime.

"I did this mix a few years ago that was just Jammer and Wiley and Target - of just half an hour of these Chinese-style plinky-plonk sounds…" explains Kode 9, "it was a bit sloppy, but it is fucking amazing music. Those guys were just on taking an aspect of hip-hop and blending it with really quite jarring, brash melodies."

For the rest of the article go here, its wicked.

Out to Arthur for the tip off.

DOWNLOAD: Kode 9 - Sinogrime Minimix

No tracklist.


Photo: Georgie Cook

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