Tuesday, 17 November 2009

DOWNLOAD: Sonic Router Radio - Session 006

Session 006 marks a new look to SRR thanks to the man like Spam Chop, who took time out from running Wigflex (eyes peeled for 003 - its dapper don, believe me) to create a new logo for us and on this edition you can hear a mix of skweee, beats, dubstep and all that other stuff I play and talk about on the podcasts usually.

DOWNLOAD: Sonic Router Radio - Session 006


1. Robot Koch – Death Star Droid (forthcoming on Robots Don’t Sleep)
2. Beat Bully – Buck Fergen (Dodpop)
3. devonwho – Whispers (free download from http://devonwho.bandcamp.com/album/3p)
4. Hudson Mohawke – 3.30 (Warp)
5. DOOM ft. Kurious – ? (forthcoming on Gold Dust Media)
6. Pariah – Detroit Falls (R&S Records)
7. Rigas Den Andre – New Plastic Bastard (Flogsta Danshall)
8. Darkstar - Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer (Hyperdub)
9. Ikonika vs. Eero Johannes – We Could Be Ikons (Planet Mu)
10. Gemmy – Johnny 5 (forthcoming on Planet Mu)
11. Desto – Broken Memory (forthcoming Ramp Recordings)*
12. 2562 – Like A Dream (Tectonic)
13. HXDB – Showdown At The Cinema (Mindset)
14. Blackdown – Concrete Streets [Zomby Remix] (forthcoming on Keysound)
15. Blackdown ft. Durrty Goodz – Concrete Streets (forthcoming on Keysound)
16. Fantastic Mr Fox – Sketches (forthcoming on Black Acre)
17. Headhunter & Invisible - Love Dup (forthcoming on Soul Motive)
18. Untold – Palamino (Hemlock)
19. Joy Orbison – J.Doe (forthcoming on DLDRMS)

* This particular mp3 clips. We are aware of the issue.

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