Monday, 23 November 2009

PRE-ORDER: 16Bit – Serum b/w AnD – Nebulos

Following up the sublime plate from Hxdb, the Manchester based label, Mindset, return to the retail world with a split release from 16Bit and the slightly more techno minded duo of Andro & Dimit. Sticking to their curveball ways the label has managed to dig up a couple of gems for their 7th release.

Whilst the London based production duo, 16Bit, might sometimes be known for their super aggro, fist pumping, middle heavy basslines on tracks like ‘Chainsaw Calligraphy’ they’ve consistently proved, most recently with a big portion of their ‘Milky Pie’ mixtape, that they can, quite brilliantly, do deep. ‘Serum’ is an eerie opening of glitches and whirring, layered with found sound percussion (incorporating both metal chain shakers and overly reverbered woodblocks) over a tumulus bass line, that hands down, has more impact over its first few bars than 80% of other bass lines have in their entirety. Melodically it is a little thin, but 16Bit use the a similar approach to that that Instra:mental did on ‘Watching You,’ employing the occasional stripe of aural fluorescence to colour the bass perfectly.

AnD’s ‘Nebulos’ is a slightly more upfront riddim, with its rapid succession of plump kick drums providing the mandatory low end pressure. Much like ‘Serum’ the track is coloured by rough percussion which tends to exude the same kind of ‘deep-like-pit’ aura; but whats particularly impressive is the duo’s use of hi hats to drive the drum pattern, panning and twisting the sounds around the mix so that they bounce off each other purposefully.

Words: Oli Marlow
Out: Today


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