Monday, 23 November 2009

DOWNLOAD: Paul White - Sounds From The Skylight (Side A)

Anyone else suffering from Paul White withdrawl since the release of his 'Strange Dreams Of...' album? Well, those knowledgable few at One Handed Music just signed off your prescription, (note to self: that was a truly horrific pun - can you even call that a pun? - must reserve chat like that for inter department meetings), a free download of the A side of his new beat tape type mini album 'Sounds From The Skylight.'

Go to link below and kop the A-side for free, with the option to hand over £6 for a vinyl version. Well worth it, all the limited releases from One Handed have gone almost instantly; being forever condemned to a life of over inflated discogs bartering.

DOWNLOAD: Paul White - Sounds From The Skylight (Side A)


Also - to read an interview with One Handed Music boss, Alex Chase, go here:

Shouts to him. And to Ian Brainer.

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