Tuesday, 19 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Professor Ojo - Schemes And Plans [Bedroom Research]

Newcastle’s not exactly renowned for being a hotspot for wonky. It’s the first sentence that popped out when I started drafting this article, but in saying something as closed minded as that statement, you might get thinking about where the movement’s epicentre actually stemmed from. Was it really LA? Amsterdam? London? Glasgow? You can muse about it all day, but the fact is no one will ever actually care where you’re from if you can make speakers do that sexy overdrive thing where the tweeters pummel the air into your open palm at an alarming rate.

And this is something that Schemes And Plans, the debut release (which is being given away for nothing) from Professor Ojo, does in troves. In a recent interview with the Basement Hum blog, Ojo discussed the album project and his processes - something we've paraphrased here for your information.

“I just like the idea of quite unnatural sounds put together in a bit of an organic way,” he reveals when asked about his non linear sequencing. "I probably sequence in the simplest way possible - everything's just played in live from either the MPD pads or my keyboard. I never quantize anything. I think a lot of the looseness is a result of trying to get shit done as quickly as possible.”

“The tracks on the album vary between 2 or 3 years old and brand new,” he continues. “I think when I'm producing I've got a certain vibe in mind and it's quite specific, so even though they weren't necessarily made in the same time period I probably approached them with the same mindset if that makes sense? I do tend to work on a few beats at a time so they may end up sharing certain qualities, depending on my mood etc.”

Put simply Schemes And Plans is a great introduction to a unique beat talent – one thats been bandied about between SR contributors for a while now – and this 11 track collection is totally worth the ZIP space in your temporary files folder.

ALBUM DOWNLOAD: Professor Ojo – Schemes And Plans [Bedroom Research]

Preview snippets here:


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