Friday, 15 October 2010

INTERVIEW: Jamie Grind Talks Modulate

Jamie Grind got in touch last week bearing fruits. Regular readers will know the producer from his work on the Infrasonics imprint and should already have his Sonic Router mix lodged in their iTunes playlist, but he’s on the dawn of running a brand new night called Modulate; up in Leeds. Focusing more on the fusion points between genres, styles and producers he tells us the night will focus squarely (but not exclusively) on the strains of club music we’re constantly harping on about; and in exchange for a lil Q&A he’s put together a mix to demonstrate and outline the vibe all you Northern party goers can expect from his dance.

SR: What’s motivated you to start your own night in Leeds? Is it simply a lack of nights doing that kind of music...?

JG: Well there are a few nights in Leeds now with similar sounds, but I think we'll be bringing a whole new vibe with this one... There'll definitely be a good share of deep house, classic garage tunes, modern bass-music (or whatever we're calling it these days) and maybe even a bit of bassline if the mood is right!

What’s the idea behind your booking policy...? Is it all about the freshest shit – or more providing those who you rate a voice in Leeds?

Both. Ideally we want to bring up-and-coming artists to Leeds who haven't played here yet. The idea is to book the best new talent in the UK with the most interesting sound to us. This is definitely not just a stock house/garage night; we're hoping to be much more than that and only bring in artists with unique qualities to them, without being tied to one genre of music.

Who have you got coming up?

Our first night is next week - we have Pariah heading the bill, with support from Hackman and Skips. November we have xxxy, Midland & Gatto Viola. We've also recently confirmed George Fitzgerald and Submerse so far for the New Year too, so we've got some pretty stacked line-ups we're both pretty happy about.

And what’s going on with you in terms of releases?

I have my 'Footwork' EP coming very soon on Fortified Audio - it'll have 4 tunes and the artwork is brutal... cop the 12" soooon...


DOWNLOAD: Jamie Grind x Louis Saville – Modulate x Sonic Router Mix


Jhelissa Friendly Pressure - (Sunship 'Into The Sunshine' Mix) [Dorado]
DJ MA1 - Waterfalls [Karnival Music]
Volta Cab - Give It Juice (XXXY's Rubicon Remix) [Forthcoming Wicked Bass Records]
The Count& Sinden feat. Mystery Jets - After Dark (C.R.S.T Remix) [Domino]
Hackman - More Than Ever (Jamie Grind Remix) [Unreleased]
Kloke - Aquarius [Entrada]
Seiji - Weedkiller [Seijimusic]
Manik - Aftermath Class (Rick Wade S Detroit Chiller Remix) [Four:Twenty]
Roska - Long Range [Numbers]
Pariah - Railroad [R&S]
Velour - She Wore Velour [Night Slugs]
Perempay & Dee feat. Shola Ama - DJ Play (TRC Mix) [Full Balance]
Hot City - Lonely Boy [Forthcoming Moshi Moshi]
Deadboy - Fireworks [Forthcoming Well Rounded]

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