Thursday, 7 October 2010

INTERVIEW: Jus Wan Gets Miles Away

Jus Wan has always been a producer we’ve watched. In the same way as DJG he’s been pushing the boundaries and blurring the perception of dubstep music Stateside, releasing music on labels like [nakedlunch], Pushing Red and Appleblim’s Apple Pips imprint. With all his music released to date there’s been a telling level of quality. His frequencies pound and swell in the right manner, his drums trickle like gloopy cough medicine - coming thick and fast with sickly sweet remnants – and his melodies have always backed off enough to allow his rhythm section to dance in the limelight.

After a relatively quiet 2010 he today sent word of a ‘pay-what-you-want’ album project called Miles Away. Something that both excited and saddened us as it came with word that he’s “basically given up writing music, so this is probably my last hurrah so to speak.” Intrigued, we exchanged emails trying to pry without being too intrusive; quizzing him on the 12 track project...

Sonic Router: So what’s the idea behind Miles Away?

Jus Wan: One of the feelings that has inspired me to make music is being miles away from home in some remote place. It's kind of a bittersweet feeling with a mixture of excitement and melancholy. I've tried to evoke that sort of vibe with my tunes.

It was never written as an album right? Do you think it flows as one even tho it wasn’t expressly made that way?

I've had the idea of an album in mind for a while, but I've never really been able to think with that big of a scope when writing tunes. However, I think there is a thread linking them together. Most of these tunes were scheduled for release on various labels but never came out for a number of reasons. I've put them together in as cohesive a manner as I could.

I recently asked DJG the same question when he offered up his ‘Voids’ series but, What makes you want to give these tunes out for free? I mean I know how much time and effort tunes and music in general can take - so why dish them out for nothing? What’s it all in aid of?

For me, it's just wanting to get the music out there. I've recently come to see the light in terms of digital distribution and I like being able to determine how my music is presented. And there's an element of me trying to cut myself lose from music by just putting everything out there and releasing my attachment to it.

You mentioned that it’s kind of like your last hurrah with music. Why so?

It's a long story man, but suffice it to say that I feel like I've said what I had to say creatively. It's been an obsessive thing that sort of took over my life very quickly. I may come back to it someday, but it feels like this is the end of the road for Jus Wan. Thanks for reading!


You can download the Miles Away project for whatever price you like via the widget below.



  1. Very sad to be reminded of this, however extremely grateful that Jus Wan has made these selections available to us, definitely worth putting some money up for.

    The DJG remix is some excellent stuff, got to hear Incyde rinse it out on SubFM a while back, been trying to keep an eye out it ever since.

    Thanks Sonic Router for providing the heads up on this and maximum respect to Jus Wan, and best of luck for his future endeavors wherever they may lead

  2. Jus Wan is a huge talent, what a shame!

    His release on Pushing Red was next level stuff... pure vibes.

    Loving this 'album' though, big ups Justin