Monday, 25 October 2010

DOWNLOAD: Spark - Revolving (Ramadanman Remix)

David Kennedy's work under the Pearson Sound and Ramadanman monikers has made a huge mark on the music community over this last year. From the very first Soul Jazz housed release of Pearson Sound material, 'Gambetta' b/w 'so Far Ago,' Kennedy displayed a keener interest in diversifying his track templates, ramping up his woodblock percussion with tracks like 'Wad' - released on his own co-run Hessle Audio label - and scoring dancefloor anthems with beats like the recent Swamp81 backed, 'Work Them.' His deviation from the conventional 'dubstep' template has already been greatly discussed, even on these super long, text loaded pages but at the time of posting he's currently toying with the public's very notion of his music.

Pouring ghetto house and juke influences into his music, bringing that constant bass thump and endlessly repeated vocal hooks, his newer material that club goers or Benji B's new BBC Radio 1 show have been privvy to, absolutely slays. There's that bass weight - a pure frequency slab that has always been present in everything he's ever released - but its really his swirling percussion and drum work that's making him stand thigh and tail above the competition. His new bits are punishing, totally bruising the well equipped soundsystems that he's wheeling them out on, so it gives us a great pleasure to be able to offer up an exclusive 320 from the man himself - yep you can download Ramadanman's brooding remix of Spark, and her track 'Revolving' which is forthcoming on 679.

DOWNLOAD: Spark - Revolving (Ramadanman Remix)