Wednesday, 19 January 2011

DOWNLOAD: Jams F. Kennedy - A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger & G Ness

Nepotize this: Earnest Endeavours are a transatlantic crew loosely based in London. Stretching over the Atlantic the core has secondary bases in New York and Los Angleles. They launched their conjoined aesthetic a few months back in fine fashion with the debut London performance of Nosaj Thing’s AV show and the first performance from Free The Robots (you can watch video footage of the event here).

Ahead of their second event, a double header featuring a gallery show from Kutmah – a DJ, producer and artist who whilst incarcerated regarding immigration issues made works of art armed with nothing but a short pencil and prison ID card – and an aftershow party featuring Kutmah, Dorian Concept, Teebs, the reason for this post: Jams and more (for more info on the party, which is tonight btw, go to the facebook event here), EE have unleashed their very first mixtape.

In their own words:

“Earnest Endeavours are proud to present the first audio outing on the label. An Earnest Endeavours mixtape, curated & mixed by the Patchwork Pirates. A Heart-Breaking Work Of Swagger & G Ness arose from a shared love of beats, bass and rap. Mixed by Patchwork Pirates in LDN, laced by Jams F. Kennedy in NYC and engineered by Bobby Evans in LA. The limited edition CD is packaged in a hand screen-printed heavyweight recycled board sleeve with full inlay. Start as you mean to go on…”

What you get, is a impeccably segued selection of drum heavy beats and some super fine lyrical ammunition delivered in Jams’ trademark drawl. The punch of the project is the new Widows material - the group Jams and Bobby Evans (both formerly of rap outfit Brother Reade) formed from performances with just two drum kits and a couple of microphones. Its completely stripped back and in the vein of Foot Village its pure, pounding skin laced with some gratuitously loveable emceeing.

“Rap, since the beginning, has never been a sound. It was always a method. It never requires more than two steps. 1: Listen to the wildest new music where there are people there to hear it. 2: Interject vocally." Jams F. Kennedy

DOWNLOAD: Jams F. Kennedy - A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger & G Ness


01. Intro – Jams F. Kennedy
02. Drama – Widows
03. Jams vs. Gemmy – Jams F. Kennedy
04. Don’t Start None (Boom Bip Remix) – Widows
05. Jams vs. Hudson Mohawke – Jams F. Kennedy
06. Find Your Way – Superisk
07. Jams vs. Guido – Jams F. Kennedy
08. Issey Miyake – Salva
09. Move – devonwho
10. Jams vs. Dizz1 – Jams F. Kennedy
11. LAX – Widows
12. Jams vs. Bobby Valentino – Jams F. Kennedy
13. Live & Direct – The Works feat. Jams F. Kennedy
14. Jams vs. B Bravo – Jams F. Kennedy
15. Us – Nosaj Thing
16. Room Temperature Liquid Plastic – Mushen
17. Jams vs. B Bravo – Jams F. Kennedy
18. Oil Fields – Mono/Poly
19. Orchid – Widows
20. Jams vs. Juice Aleem vs. Si Begg – Jams F. Kennedy
21. Orion’s Belt Buckle – Free The Robots
22. Mahjongg – Charles Trees
23. Jams vs. Flying Lotus – Jams F. Kennedy
24. Why Like This? – Teebs
25. Unsigned Hype – Widows
26. Glut – Ramadanman
27. Step 2 Funk – DVA
28. 7.62 – Widows
29. Outro – Jams F. Kennedy

For more info on the gallery show go here. For more info on the aftershow party go here.


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