Monday, 24 January 2011

RECOMMENDED: xxxy – You Always Start It/Ordinary Things [Ten Thousand Yen]

Fifth in the series of colourful 10” from Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen label comes xxxy, whose white platter lands hot on the heels of Didz & Chico, C.R.S.T. and Julio Bashmore. The two tracks from the Manchester based producer have been floating around for some time, in fact the A-side, ‘You Always Start It,’ closes his instalment in our mix series, published way back in December ‘09. He’s also had releases for the likes of Infrasonics, Formant, Fortified Audio and was one of the producers highlighted on fabric’s Elevator Music compilation. Dude’s definitely got a way with bleeped-out, rushing garage infused house variants, and that’s what gets showcased here.

It’s the building pads over the ‘dubstep’ drum patterns that get ‘You Always Start It’ moving. Choppy vocals and relentlessly energetic synth squiggles come to a head with the pads in a crescendo that should make your hairs stand on end. Things get slowed down to a house pace for ‘Ordinary Things’ but the vibe is similar, rushing synth bursts, bleepy arpeggios that sound like Mario having a psychedelic meltdown after to many mushrooms and chopped up vocal ticks that bounce back and forth while a 4x4 kick roots it to the floor. It’s all pretty functional, there’s a thickness to the production that marks xxxy out, especially when you consider the shelf life of both these cuts at this time plus, it sure as hell works as a joyous dance floor pick me up.

Words: James Balf
Out: Today


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