Friday, 7 January 2011

DOWNLOAD: Rudi Zygadlo - Don't Distrub The Beats

Rudi Zygadlo’s Great Western Laymen album, released last year on Planet Mu, was something of a triumph that saw him mix weighty low end with his own brand of whimsy, borderline operatic song writing. Tracks like ‘Resealable Friendship’ start in full choral effect before Zygaldo unleashes the best synthesized parts of the 1980s all over his simplistic drum patterns. His bubbly instrumentals came across completely different, fully harnessing the luminescence of skweee with a distinctly layered approach to production.

Since his album release Rudi’s been on something of a mission, performing his gloriously peculiar brand of music in front of people. Come January 17th he’s giving out two tracks that in his own words are “essentially reworks of ‘Filthy Logic’ and ‘Manuscripts Don’t Burn.’ I can’t really justify physically releasing them so here they are free of (obligatory) charge,” so we quickly caught up with him to learn us and you a little bit more about his forthcoming music.

SR: What have you been up to since the album release? How are you finding performing your music to people?

Rudi Zygadlo: Touring, somewhat sporadically, which has been bizarre. And I suppose it’s been a maiden voyage, having never really played live or otherwise before the release of the album. It's really a gratifying experience, having people appreciate your stuff live and recognizing the sounds you made whimsically in your bedroom.

What’s the deal with the new material? Is it a departure for you?

The next release is certainly a development. Hopefully a maturation of the sounds you have heard on Laymen but in some cases, a simplification. I found producing the first album a fairly painless and fluid process. Most of the tracks took a day or two pen and the most burdensome part was writing lyrics. That has since changed. I guess on Laymen… I put all my ideas out there hurriedly and excitedly. Now the task involves trying break new ground and not repeat myself.

Alas these, two tracks are covers of myself, haha.

Rudi Zygadlo – Kiss the Braille Mirror

Why give this out for free?

Yeah so ‘Don't Distrub the Beast’s' are reworks of Laymen tracks, ‘Filthy Logic’ and ‘Manuscripts Don't Burn.’ I wanted to give those of you who supported me and enjoy my music something to hear while I finish and get round to releasing new material.

What else is coming up for you in 2011?

I am planning a release this year on Mu - the material is pretty much finished - a bunch of new songs and some instrumentals.


You can download the tracks from Rudi’s tumblr from the 17th January 2011:

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