Monday, 24 January 2011

RECOMMENDED: LHF – EP2: The Line Path [Keysound]

LHF are a shadowy organisation at best and to be honest, that’s just the way we like it. Comprised of a production crew that’s about seven members strong, they keep it tight and have built a world of their own that seems both far-reaching and contained in itself all at once. Describe rather eloquently by Keysound boss Blackdown as sounding like “Sun Ra's hijacked Rinse FM and is using it to communicate with the heavens. Buried inside one corner of the LHF collective is a junglist fighting his way out: these guys have got drumz. Then there's another part of them that is lost in LA, their wonky beats falling off of the grid.” The Line Path EP is split between producers Amen Ra and Double Helix, two of the group’s core members.

Double Helix keeps the bumping rhythmic dubstep patterns going like on the previous EP, Enter In Silence. The horn samples give ‘Chamber of Light’ a Wu Tang shaped shadow when they hit, well Wu Tang if they also featured Mala on the buttons, plus the drums and the deployment of space are as infectious as ever. Double Helix has got a way with programming that really gets things bumping, tablas, woodblocks and all manner of percussive nuggets just keep rolling. On his second cut, ‘Bass 2 Dark,’ bursts of jabbering bass synths hit out of the rhythmic shuffle and gloriously.

Amen Ra’s track ‘Candy Rain’ sounds like it could be taken from the Brainfeeder stable, it’s got a similar de-tuned, warped and melted vibe that a lot of Samiyam’s work showcases. The unlikely coupling of what sounds like an accordion (or a synthesized version of it), steppy rhythms and the warm, lazy bass tones give the track a bright if lilting funk. It’s undoubtedly an EP highlight rounding the thing off with a techy dystopian vision on ‘Trifle;’ all dusty driving synths and gritty textures played like the soundtrack to a sci-fi race scene set in the ruins of Detroit.

Words: James Balf
Out: Now

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TOMORROW NIGHT: Keysound Recordings rush the Boiler Room:

Dusk & Blackdown ft Maxwell D
LV ft Joshua Idehen
Amen Ra (LHF) btb Vibezin

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