Wednesday, 5 January 2011

RECOMMENDED: V/A - Skweee Cruise [Poisonous Gases]

The Poisonous Gases camp from America just upped a new compilation to their bandcamp page. Entitled Skweee Cruise the 18 track collection listens like a veritable whose who of synthetic electronic funk, with outstanding contributions from Myor label boss Coco Bryce, our good buddy Boss Kite, the incredible Slow Hand Motem, the innovator himself Daniel Savio and... um... yours truly - with a tongue-in-beat I made some time ago for Slugabed called, 'Greg Says...'

Available digitally for under $10 US dollars the album is also seeing a physical release across 2 x 12"s which you can pre-order now for $19. The LP version promises to be shipped on or around the 21st January.

RECOMMENDED: V/A - Skweee Cruise [Poisonous Gases]


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